H2O Portable Air Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser

H2O Portable Air Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser

H2O Portable Air Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser

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Compact & Portable Travel Humidifier--Small, compact, lightweight, convenient, and portable. Perfect for home, office, car, hotel, dorm, camping and outdoor. It will work anywhere. You can also plug in via a USB for added on-the-go convenience.

Compatible With Any Container-- Easily adjustable length and flexible design allows you to use with any sized cup, bottle, bowl, or vase. It's truly one size fits all.

Whisper Quiet Humidifier--The diffuser adopts extremely quiet ultrasonic technology, and won't bring any disturbance to you. It keeps the humidity of the air whisper quietly for you, whether you are at work or while you sleep.

Health Humidify--This diffuser can effectively improve the dry air, adds moisture to the air, relieve skin and nose irritation caused by drying. Ideal for your family, children, friends, pets, and lovers.


4 Easy Steps to Use Your H2O Mobile Humidifier:

Step 1: Place the cotton wick into the water, soaking both ends

Step 2: Insert the cotton wick into the humidifier and adjust for the container size

Step 3: Drop it into any container and plug in the humidifier via the USB cable

Step 4: Turn on the device and enjoy a more hydrated environment 

What comes with the H2O Mobile Humidifier? 

To give you on-the-go comfort, you’ll receive:

H2O humidifier, 2 long cotton wicks, 2 short cotton wicks, 1 USB cable, 1 manual

With these quality components, you can enjoy hours of hydrated, refreshing air.

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