Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Smartphone UV Sanitizer

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Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses on your phone, this UV Phone Sanitizer is perfect for keeping your phone clean and protecting your health.


Uses safe ultraviolet light - kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria 

✔Fast cleaning - takes less than 3 minutes to disinfect the whole phone  

✔Able to charge phone while cleaning - allows the phone to charge while disinfecting

✔Aromatherapy diffuser - essential oils can be used to help sleep better as well 


The Smartphone UV Sanitizer is a MUST have for everyone concerned about viruses. 

Whether its talking on the phone, texting, or scrolling down your news feed, we're always touching our phones. With everyone feeling panicked because of the pandemic the LAST thing you need to worry about is your phone making you sick.

Ensure the protection of your health from harmful bacteria with the Smartphone UV Sanitizer. 

Its truly easy cleaning method makes it the perfect phone sanitizer! Just set your phone in and press sterilize. The UV lights will destroy any unwanted germs on the phone.  

Its unique design allows you to charge your phone during the disinfecting process. The UV Smartphone Sanitizer isn't just for phones! Can also be used to sterilize jewelry, earphones, and masks.

And since this case fits any phone, you'll never have to worry about a germ infested smartphone again! 

A true "no brainer" for the clean freaks out there! 




Below 6.5 inches 

Rated voltage:


Input current:


Disinfection power:


Aromatherapy function:




UV wavelength:


Product size:

218mm x 122mm x 23mm

Product weight:



1 * Mobile phone disinfection box

1 * usb


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